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D=OUT 自作自演【絆-kiz[U]na-】TOUR'14 《全身全靈永久不滅》in 台北



D=OUT 自作自演【絆-kiz[U]na-】TOUR'14 《全身全靈永久不滅》in 台北


D=OUT 自作自演【絆-kiz[U]na-】TOUR'14 《全身全靈永久不滅》in 台北

    • 日期 Show Date: 2014年7月13日 (星期日/Sunday)
    • 地點 Venue: The Wall 公館, Taipei 台北
    • 時間 Time:
      • 18:00 開始進場 Door Open / 19:00 開演 Show Starts

    • 演唱會門票將於6月3日(星期二)中午12點於FamiPort 全省全家便利店公開發售。
      Tickets available via famiticket starting from 3 June 2014 at 1200 noon
    • 票價 Ticket Price: NT$1700 (Advance/預先購票) | NT$1900 (At Door/現場購票)
    • 開售日期 Ticket Sale: 2014年6月3日中午12點 (星期二/Tuesday)
    • 售票系統 Ticketing System: FamiPort 全省全家便利店購票
    • FamiPort 網路購票: http://www.famiticket.com.tw/


For Over Sea Fans Ticket Purchase, please sent email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With the Following Information in the email:

Subject: D-OUT TP Concert Ticket Purchase
Numbers of Ticket Purchase:  _______ pcs of Tickets X NT$ 1700

We will reply your email within 2 working days for ticket order confirmation.

Please bring and print the email to Venue Reception on Concert Date, with CASH payment in NT$  for the ticket purchase.