日期: 2015年5月8日 (星期五)
地點: 亞洲國際博覽館 AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 10
時間: 晚上8:00PM
票價: HK$780 / HK$480 (All Standing/全企位)


門票將於3月25日於快達票售票網(包括場地票房、K11 SELECT及通利琴行) 公開發售或:

購票熱線/ 票務査詢: 31 288 288

請查閱www 各售票網(場地票房、K11 SELECT及通利琴行) 開售及辦公時間

  • 快達票將額外收取每張門票的顧客服務費
  • 門票如被其他機構使用或轉售、或作其他商業用途,籌辦機構保留取消門票之決定權。
  • 不論票價;每人每交易限購最多8張門票。
  • 企位區域只適合身高不少於140厘米之12歲或以上人士(16歲以下的企位區觀眾;均須由成人陪同觀看)
  • 一人一票
  • 敬請小心保管閣下的門票
  • 企位門票如有遺失;將不獲任何補發
  • 為免延誤入場, 敬請預早於各快達票門市部領取門票
  • 亞洲國際博覽館範圍內嚴禁吸煙及不准攜帶外來食品及飲品進入博覽館
  • 表演場內嚴禁未獲授權的攝影、錄影或錄音。任何相機、攝錄及錄音器材均被禁止帶進場館;觀眾進場館前須接受手提袋檢查。
  • 為確保閣下及其他觀眾安全,超過12"X15"的大型手提袋/物品或限制物品包括矮凳/可摺疊式座椅均禁止帶進觀眾席企位區範圍。如有上述物品,請寄存於亞洲國際博覽館地下的禮賓服務(每件物品每4小時收費為港幣$25)或自助儲物箱(每4小時港幣$30)


  • 企位區域門票設有序號以作進場安排,有關序號是於每個成功交易後由系統自動編配,並列印於門票上及在確認電郵內列明。
  • 企位區域之觀眾須依照列印於門票上及確認電郵內的序號依次序進場,而有關序號由系統於每個交易完成後自動編配。


  • 企位等候區將於演唱會開場前4小時開放,企位門票的觀眾須在等候區內之指定票區,依其門票上之序號順序排隊。
  • 演唱會開場前2小時(實際時間依現場狀況而定),企位等候區之觀眾可開始順序進入演唱場館。
  • 當企位等候區之觀眾開始進場,其後到達之觀眾的門票序號將會作廢。此等觀眾並須待所有企位等候區的觀眾進場後方可進場。

節目查詢 :
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Date: 8 May, 2015 (Friday)
Venue: Hall 10, AsiaWorld-Expo
Time: 8:00 PM
Ticket Price: HK$ 780/ $480 (all standing)

Ticket Purchase info:
Ticket will be on sale on March 25 (Wed), 2015 at HK Ticketing's venue box offices, K11 Select, and Tom Lee Music Stores or

Ticket Purchase Hotline/ Enquiries: 31 288 288
Internet Booking:www

*Please visit for box offices and Tom Lee Music Stores opening time and working hours

  • HK Ticketing applies a customer service fee to all tickets purchased via its network.
  • The promoter reserves the right to void the ticket if it is resold or used for any commercial purposes or association.
  • Regardless of prices, each person can purchase maximum 8 tickets per transaction.
  • Age Limit for Standing Zone: Restricted to Age 12 or above with Height Limit 140 cm
    +(Audience under age 16 in Standing Zones must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Admit One Only
  • Please keep your ticket(s) properly.
  • NO Replacement for any loss of Standing tickets.
  • To avoid delays in entering the venue and to ensure an enjoyable experience, all ticket purchasers are recommended to pick up their tickets at any HK Ticketing's outlets prior to the show day.
  • Smoking, outside food & beverage is prohibited in AsiaWorld-Expo.
  • Unauthorized photos, filming and recording is strictly prohibited in the performance venue. All cameras and AV recorders are prohibited. A bag search will be conducted.
  • For your own safety and that of other audience, bags / articles of size over 12" X 15" or restricted items including stools / folded chairs are not allowed in the standing zone of the concert area. Please check-in your bag(s) / article(s) at the Concierge (HK$25/4 hours per item) or Lockers (HK$30/4 hours) on Ground Level, AsiaWorld-Expo

Standing Zone admission arrangement

The order of admission to the Standing Zone is based on the designated queuing number as printed on the ticket and the confirmation email. This queuing number is automatically generated by the system after each successful transaction.


  • Holding Area for the Standing Zone ticket holders opens 4 hours before show time. Standing zone ticket holders should queue up at the Holding Area according to both the ZONE/SECTION and the sequence of queuing number as printed on the ticket.
  • Admission to the concert hall starts 2 hours before show time (subject to change based on actual situation) and Standing Zone ticket holders in the Holding Area will be admitted according to the queuing number.
  • The queuing number on the ticket will no longer be valid once the admission to concert hall commences. Standing Zone ticket holders which arrive subsequent to the commencement of admission would be required to enter the concert hall after all the tickets holders within the Holding Area have been admitted.
  • Please visit: for more event update information

Programme Enquiries:
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