Luna Sea Live 2012-2013 The End of the Dream - HONG KONG (紀念品預購 / Merchandise Pre-Order)

為答謝Club Puffin 同 Luna Sea 嘅 Fans, Puffin 特別為大家送上 「Luna Sea Live 2012-2013 The End of the Dream - 香港 (紀念品預購活動)」!

由2013年1月23日(09:00) 至1月30日(16:00), 各位 Fans 可以透過以下方法預購Luna Sea Live 2012-2013 The End of the Dream - 香港站 紀念品。完成整個預購程序後, 即可於演唱會當日輕輕鬆鬆攞goods... 唔需要一早去排隊, 又唔怕買唔到心儀嘅紀念品! 咁您仲唔快啲參加!



  1. 於下列貨品目錄挑選心水紀念品 (每人每樣貨品限買最多兩件)
  2. 記下慾購數量及貨品價錢
  3. 將合共的總數透過銀行傳入以下不凡娛樂的戶口:
    • 銀行: 東亞銀行
    • 戶口號碼: 015-188-40-400144-8
  4. 入數後, 連同入數編號及資料填妥以下表格
  5. 當交易確定及收妥資料後, 我們會於預購活動完結後向您發出確認電郵
  6. 然後您只需於演唱會當日帶同身份證明文件於場地出示以證明為購買者便可取得所購貨品



  1. 貨品數量有限, 先購先得, 售完即止。如因數量問題我們未能為購買者提供所購貨品, 我們會於取貨當日以現金退回該缺少的貨品的原有價錢給購買者

  2. 貨品售出後將不能退換。

  3. 所有貨品以港幣作交易貨幣

  4. 交易只接受銀行入數或過戶形式結帳

  5. 貨品圖片只供參考用途, 貨品實物有機會與圖片有所不同。

  6. 預購活動日期由2013年1月23日開始至1月30日(16:00)為止。


To show our appreciation for our beloved Club Puffin's & Luna Sea's Fans, we now bringing you the opportunity for 「Luna Sea Live 2012-2013 The End of the Dream - Hong Kong (Pre-Order for concert merchandise」!

Starting Jan 23, 2013 (09:00) to Jan 30 (16:00), all Fans can participate in this pre-order event by following the procedure below. Don't miss this opportunity and pre-order the items now. No hassle and no need to line up early on the event day!

Pre-Order Procedure

  1. Choose the items you want from the below list (Each person can purchase a maximum of two pieces per each item)
  2. Mark the quantity of the item you want and their total amount
  3. Deposit the total amount to Puffin's bank account (Hong Kong):
    • Bank: The Bank of East Asia Limited
    • Account Number: 015-188-40-400144-8
  4. After deposited the money, fill in the below form with the deposit information.
  5. Once the order is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email when the pre-sales event ends.
  6. Bring your identification document and present it at the venue on the event day to pick up your pre-ordered item(s).


Terms & Conditions

    1. First come first serve basis while quantity last. If item(s) are out of order, we will refund the amount of the unavailable item(s) in cash on the event day to the purchaser.

    2. Item(s) sold are non-refundable nor exchangeable.

    3. All prices and transaction are in Hong Kong dollar.

    4. We only accept direct bank deposit or bank transfer.

    5. All pictures are for reference only. Actual item might have differ than the picture shown.

    6. The pre-order event starts from Jan 23, 2013 to Jan 30, 2013 (16:00).


貨品目錄 (Merchandise Items List)

{rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 演唱會 Tour Tee HK$350|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_tee.jpg{/rokbox}

演唱會 Tee - Tour Tee $350

S / M / L / XL

S:64 x 44
M:67 x 47
L:70 x 50
XL:75 x 54
 {rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=|Hoodie HK$550|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_hoodie.jpg{/rokbox}

Hoodie - Hoodie HK$550

S / M / L / XL

S:65 x 50
M:68 x 53 (中碼已售罄 / Size M SOLD OUT)
L:71 x 56  (大碼已售罄 / Size L SOLD OUT)
XL74 x 60 (加大碼已售罄 / Size XL SOLD OUT)
 {rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=|Tour Tee HK$350|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_hktee.jpg{/rokbox}

Hong Kong version 演唱會 Tee - Hong Kong version Tour Tee HK$350

S / M / L / XL

S:64 x 44
M:67 x 47
L:70 x 50
XL:75 x 54
 {rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 毛巾 Towel HK$300|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_towel.jpg{/rokbox}

 毛巾 - Towel HK$300

120cm x 60cm

 {rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 面巾 Face Towel HK$180|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_ftowel.jpg{/rokbox}

面巾 - Face Towel HK$180

85cm x 34cm

 {rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 場刊 Programme HK$250|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_programme.jpg{/rokbox} 場刊 - Programme HK$250
 {rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| iPhone保護殻 iPhone Case HK$200|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_iphone.jpg{/rokbox}

iPhone保護殻 - iPhone Case HK$200

4s & 5

{rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 小袋 Pouch HK$150|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_pouch.jpg{/rokbox}

小袋 - Pouch HK$150

11cm x 15cm

{rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 護腕 Wristband HK$100|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_wristband.jpg{/rokbox}  護腕 - Wristband HK$100
 {rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 鑰匙扣 Key Chain HK$100|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_keychain.jpg{/rokbox} 鑰匙扣 - Key Chain HK$100
{rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 海報 Poster HK$150|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_poster.jpg{/rokbox}

海報 - Poster HK$150

B2 - 5 posters per set

{rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 月曆 Calendar HK$100|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_calendar.jpg{/rokbox} 月曆 - Calendar HK$100
{rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 貼紙 Sticker HK$50|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_sticker.jpg{/rokbox} 貼紙 - Sticker HK$50
{rokbox album=|LSMPO| title=| 官方購物袋 Bag HK$50|}images/goods/ls2013/LS2013_M_paperbag.jpg{/rokbox} 官方購物袋 - Bag HK$50




預購訂單表格 Pre-Order Form

請確保入數後才填寫表格 Please make sure you've deposited the money before filling out the form.


預購活動已經結束 / Pre-Order has ended