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YOSHIKI Classical Special with Orchestra
- Hong Kong  -  VIP Package
售價:HK$ 1800

2)Rehearsal VIP Pass 及証件繩 (1套)
3 )  YOSHIKI Classical 簽名CD (1隻)
4)文件夾 (1個)
5)玫瑰花型手提LED燈 (1支)

VIP Package 名額共200個,有興趣購買VIP Package 嘅朋友,可於12月16日(星期五)晚上8:00起,到下列網址登記,先到先得,額滿即止。




  1. 登記時需要上載已購買門票之相片作實。
  2. 每個人名及每張門票只可登記一次,重複登記將不受理。
  3. 請先拍下已購門票(1張即可),並更改照片檔案名稱(與用作登記之人名相同)以便日後跟進。
  4. 付款方法將以銀行入數方式安排,敬請留意。
  5. 未經許可,綵排期間不可拍攝,錄音及錄影,多謝合作。
  6. Rehearsal VIP pass 只作紀念用途,敬請留意。
  7. 如有任何爭議,主辦單位保留最終決定權。
  8. 如有問題請電郵至
YOSHIKI Classical Special with Orchestra
- Hong Kong  -  VIP Package

Price:HK$ 1800

Package Include:

  1. Attend the Rehearsal (approx. 30 mins) with YOSHIKI Appearance on    Show date afternoon at 29 Dec, 2016

  2. Special Designed Rehearsal VIP Pass with straps -  1 Set

  3. Yoshiki Classical Autographed CD – 1 Pcs

  4. Clear Folder – 1 Pc

  5. LED Rose Penlight – 1 Pc



  1. Limited Quota (200 participants only) for VIP Package VIP package, available while stock last!

  2. VIP Package Purchase Registration will start on 16 Dec 2016 (Friday) from 8:00pm Hong Kong Time. (Please note that any Registration earlier than 16 Dec 2016 Friday will be disregarded.

  3. For Registration:

  4. Deadline for Registration : 19 Dec 2016, 23:59pm Hong Kong Time.


Registration confirmation via Email will be sent out individually to all the participants should your registration be accepted. The Email will also including Payment Details and arrangement for the VIP Package Purchase.


  • Photo of Purchased Ticket (Any Ticket Price accepted) is required to upload with the Registration form.

  • Each Name and Each ticket can only register for ONE time only, repeat registration of the same name or same ticket will be disregarded.

  • Please take a photo of your concert ticket in advance; and rename the photo (File name) with the same name for your registration.  

  • Payment method : Deposit the amount into designated bank in Hong Kong currency only

  • No Photo, Video or sound recording are allowed without authorization during the Rehearsal.

  • Rehearsal VIP pass is designed as souvenir only. It is only used to attend the rehearsal

  • The Organizers reserves the right to change/cease the special offer without prior notice.

  • For any questions with email to:



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